wersja polska wersja niemiecka wersja angielska

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Category rating - I
69 lodging places

Outfit :
A kitchen, a clubroom, TV-Sat, a bar room, hot and cold water, showers, a library of tourist books.

A hostel is situated in Strzeszyn, a part of Poznań due North, close to the so called western "green wedge" of the city, area full of woodlands and foliage, that follows the course of a small river Bogdanka. Several lakes, among them Rusalka, Strzeszynskie and Kierskie, which lie within its boundaries, make it a particularly suitable terrain for all kinds of recreational activities. It is no wonder then that so many sport and leisure centres with campgrounds, marinas, natural swimming pools, restaurants and bars have been established there. A trek path for tourist lovers winds its well marked with green signs way along the banks of the lakes.

The hostel is housed in an old school building of distinguish style, which was built in 1918. After conversion it was opened in 1990.

How can you get there:

  • Take a bus, 68, from the bus stop at the main railway station. Get off at the terminal reversal loop. You have a choice there either to get on another bus, 60, and go by it to its terminal stop next to the hostel or negotiate the distance of about 1 km on foot.
  • Leave the main railway station (through the West Exit into Glogowska Street) and take a streetcar, 11, to Wielkopolska Alley and get on a bus, 60, which stops directly next to the hostel.
  • Go by bus, 95, from its terminal reversal loop at Jezyce. In the summer, one can conveniently get to the hostel by bus, 95 bis, or easily access it by car from the route A 2 (Poznań - Swiecko)

The youth hostels welcomes from 17 00 to 10 00

ul. Biskupińska 27
60 - 463 Poznań
tel./fax (+48 61) 822 10 63
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wersja polska wersja niemiecka wersja angielska